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Parkwell leverages the entire tech ecosystem to implement the right solutions for each client's specific needs. We believe the open marketplace will always produce the best technologies and instead of our own proprietary offerings, we carefully curate the industry's best solutions and seamlessly manage them under one roof.

Parkwell's Full Stack Technology Solution

From hardware to software, and all the middleware in between, Parkwell offers the most cutting-edge and comprehensive solutions on the market. We have been leaders in delivering user-friendly technology for our customers, while also providing robust business intelligence on the backend that allows us to drive value for our clients. As we enter the era of AI, we are poised to further leverage technology to improve the customer experience and the asset's bottom line.

Gated PARCS Solutions

License Plate Recognition

Gateless Operation

EV Charging

Automated Enforcement

QR Code Payments

Mobile & Online Payments

Pre-Paid Reservations

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